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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A very BLUE Birthday

Since we happened to hang-out with Dave and Anna on Friday night... they invited us to a party on Saturday night in Utsunomia. The usual crownd was there (which, personally, is a good or a bad thing depending on whom you are refering to). It was Brittany's Birthday (I have met her 2-3 times) and everyone was supposed to wear blue attire.
Therefore, the girls and I trucked our cookies first to Tochigi City picked up Anna and Treva and headed out to an Izakiya located in downtown Utsunomia. It was a blue bonanza.
Blue Clothing.
Blue Hats.
Blue Make-Up.
Blue Accessories and
even Blue Underwear!
The only one not in blue was the birthday girl!
The food was excellent and there was soooo many choices. And the best part was that the menues were in Japanese and in ENGLISH. That way... you weren't afraid of getting squid on your pizza or little crunchy fish in your salad (trust me... it happens all of the time!).
There was as much a variety of drinks as there was with food. The house specialty was a grapefruit-kiwi sour. If I could find this drink elsewhere, I would never want for another type of cocktail ever again. When it was time to pay the bill everyone guessedtamated their total and when the final item was rung in... our bill was 1600,000Yen! About $1,600. The manager told us it was the largest bill he had ever seen! I am not surprised... we got there over an hour and a half late and our bill (me and my Shimo-girls) was about 90 bucks.
After the Izakaiya... we moved onto the second party at a dart's bar not more than 20 paces away. Our blue motley crew of 35 soon took over the establishment and the one bartender had to enlist his DJ as a barback just to attepmt to keep up with the demand. I attempted to play darts, but after scoring zero points, I decided to going back to flirting and drinking (in that order).
I would also like to point out that my ensemble was inspired by Sporty Spice... because,I belive that when you attend such an event you should always have a particular Spice Girl as your inspiration.
After "Dart's Bar" (actual name of bar), we went back down the street for 30 paces to a hip-hop club called "Bird Land" (there are no birds there). The music is dancable and as we make our way out onto the dancefoor we notice the huge difference of ration of women to men. There was SERIOUSLY about a 1:10 ratio. Luckily, our guy friends were there to help us out and keep the molesters off of us.
I stopted drinking around midnight and by 3:30 I was stone cold sober, hungry and ready drive our Ibaraki butts home (but we kept right on dancing in Tochigi). Around 4:30am, people started to clear out and by 5am there was only a handfull of dancers left. Luckily, the floor was empty enough of perverted guys and the DJ was cranking the disco. So me, about seven other people and a japanese- transvestite kept on boogie-ing until 6 when the bouncers were telling us to go home.
After getting completly lost in Ustunomia (what we do best), getting money, getting gas, someone tossing their cookies in a convienent store, getting a Sausage McMuffin meal at McD's. We were home and in bed by 10 after 8.
If you think I live this kind of life every day... you are mistaken. My life is just like yours. I have a regular job. I have responsibilieties. And from Sunday night thru Friday afternoon, I am a responsible level headed 27 year old woman. I don't drink, I go to bed at a resonable hour and I dress in a professional manor (no cleavage shirts, or funky colored eye shadow). Why don't you hear more about my weekdays? Why do you only get the stories involving Drinking, Boys, Dancing, Partying and Karaoke? Why?
Tune in next time ... Same Jody time (anytime).
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