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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Random selections from my internal thought process... in cronological order

17:00 Oh my god! There is a package! Some one loves me enough to send me something!
17:10 This book is soooooo great. Thanks Barzak!!!!
18:16 I am sick, but I am tired of laying in bed. Let's go to a movie!
19:16 Can't put book down! Must put book down... You are late to meet Tressa!!! Damn it!
21:15 Thank god we (Tressa, Crystal, Riccardo and myself) made it in time.

21:30 Mmmmmm hot, fresh Carmel Corn is good!!!
21:47 Uma Thurman is Hot!!
22:00 Movie is making me laugh... must not laugh... laughing leads to uncontrolable coughing
22:01 Tressa and I sound like two old ladies at a smokers convention. Cough, Cough...
24:00 Why didn't I eat dinner? I am soooo Hungry

24:45 Tressa must really be tired. It sounds like she is cutting down a forest in there.
02:00 Must stop coughing! Maybee I should go home.
10:30 Hungry... Sick and hungry
11:30 Denny's sucks in Japan. At least they have french toast.
11:42 Uma Thurman was hot in the movie last night.
14:30 Shit... what time am I supposed to meet my boss for dinner???
15:25 Shit!!!! I am supposed to meet boss in 5 minutes... I feel like crap. Where are my car keys?

17:30 Maki Rolls are good. MMmmmm. Uh-oh! Is that natto?? Blech... stay clear of the Natto.
18:15 They got all the stuff to make me Grapefruit Sours. I should have one just to be nice... plus the grapefruits have vitamin C in it. That's good for me.
19:02 Karem is a lot better to be around when he is drunk. Maybe he is better to be around when I am drunk? I'll have to wait until I am better to test that theory.
19:26 My boss is HAMMERED!!! He is so drunk he can't remember to speak english to Karem and I and japanese to his family. Hilarious!!!
19:29 Please don't make me drink any sake. That one cocktail has aready made me dizzy.
20:10 My Boss is pretty cool. I like his outlook on life. "Living each day and hoping for the best. Use all of your heart. If you don't do anything how can you expect anything good to happen" His family is really great too!
20:50 Thank god we are going home. Karem is passing out. My Boss is slurring his words. His wife is soooo nice to drive is back. Come on Jody...You are not going to throw up!
21:17 Take a bath... go to bed. Take a bath... go to bed.
23:50 Put down the book and go to bed! CAN'T STOP READING! MUST FINISH BOOK or DIE!

24:59 I wish Vince Vaughn was here to cuddle with.
11:00 It's only eleven... go back to sleep.
11:03 Go back to sleep!
11:23 Might as well get up
12:00 Drink juice and take a nap? Sounds good to me.
16:00 I sure hope I don't see any students at the 7-11 in my PJ's.
18:00 A nap sure sounds good.
21:34 That was a good nap!
21:51 Holy Crap! Barzak left a bottle of amoxicillin. Thank's Barzak! Maybe I won't die!
22:03 Don't forget to call mothers tomorrow! Don't forget!
22:29 Sleepy time. Nighty-night.

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Christopher Barzak said...

There's other antibiotics in there too, don't forget! Feel better!