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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


For it's Ichi, Ni, San strikes you're out!!!

Juan's students Misa and Kazuyoshi came along for our very first Japanese baseball game. Tokyo Giants vs. Hiroshima Carps. Because we went with a couple of carp fans, we decided to go against our home team and root for the Carps as well. 

The game was crazy!!!! Here are some of the main differences between American vs. Japanese Baseball
  • in Japan you are not allowed to bring in any plastic pet bottles. When you walk through security you must throw away your pet bottle , but don't worry... they give you a paper cup to put your drink in. This is done because people tent to throw their bottles after a home run or a bad call and it can get a little dangerous in the lower decks.
  • No peanuts, but you can order all the edamame you can handle (PS people in Japan would never throw their rubbish on the floor)
  • There is a trash man who comes though mid game to collect your garbage.
  • All vendors running up and down the stadium stairs are women! Women wearing short skorts and hauling a keg on their back.
  • All different brands of beer all sold. In America, you would have only, say, Anheimer Bush... but in Japan we could choose between Asahi, Kirin, Saporro, Yebis or lemon sours!
  • Bringing in outside food is not a problem. Misa made us a big bento to enjoy the game with.
  • Every team has their own team songs, chants and dance team/cheerleaders
  • Wieners were available, but most people buy bentos (lunch boxes), or curry and rice bowls. Kurage (Japanese fried chicken) and dried squid snacks are also available.
  • When your team is at bat, you show your enthusiasm and encouragement by chanting, singing, twirling towels, banging sticks and just making a huge ruckus. I was so enthralled by this bizarre behavior, it took me 5 minutes before I noticed that the game had begun.
  • There is a specific super fan area, which may not have the best visual seats, it is supposedly the more fun place. There is usually a 5-15 piece brass band to aid in all the hubbalu.
We had such a great time!!! Kazu-san got us great seats. We were in the lower second balcony right over home plate. We could see everything!!! Best seats I have ever had for a sporting event. I defiantly want to go again!!! Go CARPS!!!

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