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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Monday, January 16, 2006

PARTYing it up!

Saturday we (being a bunch of people I love and cherish and some people I have never met, but were nice) came together to celebrate! What were we celebrating (besides the exsistance of alcohol)? Crystal-lu's Birthday! Daichi (token Japanese friend)'s Birthday annd Travi-pants' return to his home country of Australia. Great times were had by all!

I met the girls (YEAH!!! My girls are back in town!) at Crystals's house. We celebrated our re-uniting by having JagerBombs(I can't even remember the last time I drank Jagermister). Then we headed to our regular izakaya (japanese type of bar) in Yuki. We were late (what's new!) and as soon as we walked in the door, we knew we were in for a night of fun!

There was about 30 people in attendance. We took up the entire back room! Good food, great drinks and really excellent birthday cake was on the tables. We were all on the floor (hence no shoes...luckily I was wearing clean socks). I was drinking Moscow Mules and Lime Sours... eventhough we all know I get a bit crazy when I drink the lime sours (one time I fell asleep on the table after imbibing them at this izakaiya).

We closed the bar down... and around 1 most of us (including our favorite waitress from the bar) headed to a seedy Hip Hop club in Oyama. The club was almost empty when we arrived. All the japanese people were just standing around bobbing their heads in time with the music and enjoying their Zimas (YES!!! They love the ZIMA!). So... as soon as we arrived our motley crew of 30 took over the place.

The music was terrible, but after a cocktail or two, almost everyone was dancing it up. Heck... most of the people didn't even realise that the music was bad... that is how inebrated we were!

I would like to note that this club was soooo ghetto... it had a vending machine with cans of Zima!!!

Recently engaged (CONGRATULATIONS!!!)... the all too cool Nori and her man Dan danced it up gangsta style!

Around 4ish we headed out to the street and had the typical end of the night conversation... "Who wants RAMEN???". But since Travis hates reamen(who ever heard of such a thing?!!?) we went to Denny's (YES! There is Denny's over here... but there is no grand slam or moons over my hammy). Because I was not drunk enough (or possibly too drunk) I had a beer with my BLT sandwhich.

As we headed back to Shimodate, the sun was rising and a beautiful day was starting. Crystal and I climed into our futons around 6:30 and were out within minutes. All in all... it was a FANTASTIC night.

Happy Birthday Crystal!

Happy Birthday Daichi! and

Best Wishes Travis... We will miss you!!!


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Christopher Barzak said...

We seriously have to work on your spelling, dear.