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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Monday, February 20, 2006

How did it go?

Ok... since I know none of you want to hear about my work week... I will tell you how my date went last friday. It went well. Are you happy now? Ok... Love ya... talk to ya later. What? You want more details than "It went well"? OK... you can have some details... but no specifics and no personal discussion over my feelings and crap like that!

I met my date for drinks (I was a half an hour late (what's new!)). Then it was on to dinner at a semi thai/japanese/other restaurant and finally we ended up at another bar which looked like Hawaii threw up all over it. We actually sat on plastic lawn furniture on a white sandy beach indoors! My sister would have loved this place!

Anyways... without going into too much details (because if you really wanted to know then you would have called or e-mailed on saturday to ask how my date was and therefore, it being monday, would have already known all the details of my rendevous) I had a good time. I laughed, a lot. We discussed art (no one but Barzak talks to me about art (loved it)). We made jokes and talked about our past lives as fraternity members (he happens to be the only greek I have met here and thus has just as many crazy stories to tell about life at college as I do). Over all... good conversation.

The night ended around 1:30 (a five hour first date (not too bad)) and I spent the next hour and a half making international- long distant phone calls from my car as I sobered up. (You all know me... I would rather sleep in my car then drive intoxicated). I finally arrived home just before 4am (it takes about 45 minutes to get from his city to mine) and slept till 10:30 the next day.

That was it! Nothing to exciting to report. I enjoyed his company for the evening and hopefully he enjoyed mine. Will we have another date? I don't know... but I informed him, that if he wanted another one he was going to have to do the asking. It took 1/2 a day and 1/2 a bottle of wine to calm my nervousness after asking him out.

As always... if you want more details... you are gonna have to e-mail me. Otherwise, I hope you all have a stress free week and are excellent to one another.

PS... Yes, I did receive a little good night kiss! Now go away... I have to at least appear like I am doing some productive work! Love YA!


nori said...

wow wow wow you had a DAte..(???)
YES!!!I'D love to know more details (*???*)hehehe

Anonymous said...

you had a date?! that's good news... hey, i email you all the time, but i never get a response... i don't want to have to give up on you! ;)

KIM... Gee... your old roommate from Orange County, CA... the little asian one... remember me?!