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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

They are Here! A report of their first three days.

Mom and Paula arrived on Friday safe snd sound. After some trouble in obtaining (or not obtaining) a rental car to go pick them up... Yuka (my coordinator) was nice enough to loan me her car and after abour 2 1/2 hours I was at Narita Airport.

After driving them back to my place (damn Friday traffic) they were asleep within minutes, well actually after they warmed up (remember... there is no insulation in my home) they were asleep.

Yesterday, I pushed them into going on a road trip to Nikko. And after getting only slightly lost in Utsunomia (god damn stupid city)... we made it there and back without any major glitches.
However, by 4pm... Mom's jet-lag was setting in and she needed to get in a few hours of sleep before we were to meet my friends later that night.

Saturday night, we headed into Shimodate for an evening of karaoke with my friends (Crystal, Tressa and Maverick) and were entertained by the craziness fof Yuka, Mie and their husbands. Needless to say... Mom and Paula had a good time laughing at my japanese friends attepts to sing english songs like Madonna and The BackStreet Boys and thuoughly enjoyed all the japanese songs and the wierd videos that accompanied them.

Today we were guest inside the Nonaka Family Home. Meg and her family took us in for the day and showed my family the friendliest, warmest and best hospitality they have ever experienced. We ate sooooooooo much food! There was korean BBQ Nambe, fruit, cesear salad, pickles, tempura, fresh sashimi, several types of rice and other such good things. Megumi's sister in law made us home made Tako-yaki (octopus balls) at the table... Oishi (delicious). By 1pm Paula was a little drunk on beer and sake ( I had forgotten to tell her the custom of having other people pour you your drinks, oops. Sorry Paula!) and Mom and I were drunk on food.

After the feast the talented Mrs. Nonaka served us, we rested for a little bit. Megumi made home made anko (sweet red bean paste) cakes and treated us to a special tea ceremony, which was Amazing!!! Megumi has been taking lessons for a while now and it was fantastic to get to see her show off one of her studied talents (Thank's Meg!).

Mom and Paula were (and still are) overwelmed by the hospitality of the Nonaka Family. Our stay with them today was about 6 hours and every second was enjoyed by myself and my family. My family will always remember them with fondness in their hearts and fullness in their bellies.

To the Nonaka Family:
Words can not express the gratitude me and my family feel for your hospitality. Thank you for having us in your home, for giving so much of yourselves and for everything I can not find the words to say. Thank you. The kindness of your family will remian in our hearts forever.
PS I will bring over copies of the photos we took that day in the near future.

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