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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Beloved Barzak

My very good friend and confidant has left Japan (or soon will be in a few hours). And since I know Christopher will read this as soon as he has internet connection again, I have chosen to write directly to him in this highly public manor. I apologise for all the gushy-ness that is about to pour from my fingertips and I promise to keep the girly blubbering down to a minium. Thank you.

My Beloved Barzak,
I am intesely proud of all your recent accomplishments (the selling of your first book, completion of your second, getting all hot and into shape, mastering the art of singing kareoke in Japanese, etc...). But more than proud, I am honored for letting me be a part of your life. The first moment I met you, the only word I had for you was love and the last moment I saw your face yesterday, love was once again the only word I had for you.

Thank you for sharing the laughs, travels, stories, songs, walks in the rain, food for thought, food for eating, food for throwing at each other, books, knowledge, wisdom, silly-ness, queeni-ness, dirty minded thoughts, family vacations, dingy kareoke boxes, beautiful widescreen kareoke boxes, mysterious chocolate appearances, 5:30 am, birthdays, parties, festivals, fireworks, bottles of wine, bottles of sake, bottles of limoncello and other liquiors as well, beautiful days, crazy nights, quiet moments, theater, art, music, silence, air matresses, apartments, seasons, cherry blossoms, flowers, curry, sunrises at train stations and out side clubs, cute boys, creepy old men, friends, intrests, differences, Madonna, Mc Chicken Sandwhiches, holidays, future plans, romantic settings, lovers, past lives, heartbreaks, wishes, desires, blogging, trust, loyalty and friendship.

As you pass from this continent into another, I know this is not a goodbye, but only farewell for the moment. I wish you tidings of luck, joy, success and happiness as you turn the page in a new chapter of your life on American soil. Try not to obsess over the differences, because it will only drive you crazy. Find the similarities, relish in the goodness of human kind and stay true to yourself no matter what kind of people surround you. May your Moscow Mules always be half full and the brilliant light in your personality, writing and heart never fade.

Always and forever,


1 comment:

Christopher Barzak said...

Aww, you made me cry when you left and again when I got home and read this! I love you too, baby cakes! Muah! By they way, no door! I knew it!!! Instead, a Japanese folding screen, which isn't too bad actually and does the trick and reminds me of back home, I want to say, in Japan.

And my cat so remembered me! I'm so surprised!

Anyway, more later. Off to the bank and lots of crap to do to settle in comfortably, but so far, so good! Other than I totally had a flight canceled in New York and had to wait two more hours for a different one!!!! So I was traveling for like 20 hours total! And I forgot to give Beth and Kevin's house key back at Yomo!! Now I have to send it to them today!

But love! Always always love,