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New Year's News

New Year's News

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The DaVinci Code and other things about nonsense.

This past weekend (after I recovered from Tressa's huge ass party) I tagged along with Crystal and Riccardo (Crystal the Canadian and Riccardo her German boyfriend w/an Italian name) to Tsukuba Cineplex for an afternoon of relaxing fun. We were in search of the Ron Howard's "The DaVinci Code" and unfortunately we found it. For once... the release date of this movie in Japan was the same as the rest of the world (I know... I can hardly believe it myself) and having read the book all so many moons ago I felt the need to see the screen version. What was I thinking???
According to my misguided friend, who believes that "Movies can't create controversy... unless their maybe an art film or something" truly hit it on the head in this version of "The DaVinci code". I know this is a P.C. Era and everyone is always trying to step around every little toe that comes along their path... but come on... it's a conspiracy theory movie, you are supposed to have a little controversy. I am just sooooo disappointed about the movie on so many levels that think I should devote the same amount of time on this blog as the makers of this movie did in making a decent movie. AGGHHHHHHHHH.

Since I am so disgusted about this movie and I would be writing for days if I were to talk about all things that irked me.... I have decided to give my top three things about this movie that I actually liked.

1. The goodness of the hot fresh caramel corn I got at the theater. Mmmmmm.
2. The Cast... that is everyone except Tom Hanks... what were they thinking??? Awful!
3. ???? Shit I can't think of anything else. There has to be something else. HMmmmmm? Did I mention the popcorn? Yes I did... OH... got it. I liked the fact that it took place in the Louvre, but if they fucked that up then it really would be a really bad rendition of the movie.

Till next time... this is Movie Reviewer Jody saying
"If the matinee ticket costs 10 dollars more than the evening ticket... you must be in Japan"


stitchingpooh said...

Haven't seen it yet I guess I'll have to Just so I can see what all the fuss is about> cool Blogspot

Naturegirl said...

Man you really did NOT like the movie.I trust you and will not go see it instead read the book which has sat on my shelf for a year!! Now that I am into garden season well it will have to wait for those horrid cold winter days sitting around the fire with a good book and bon bons!Thank you for the lovely comments you posted on my blogsite!!Yup the bending down ok but the bending up!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so much like your mother... she said the same things on her blog. What? Did you not know your mother reads your sight? Yes, I do! Huggers, Mom