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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Post Golden Week UpDate

Golden Week is over and I am back at work working hard. A brief overview of my vacation.

Tuesday Night: Tressa and I party it up. Yakiniku (meat you cook over hot coals at your table) and pinapple sours. Karaoke at shidax (lots of grapufruit and sochu). Daiko (like a taxi, but they also drive your car home) to Denny's. Walk Home.

Wed: Hike Mt. Tsukuba (again). However this time it was among my friends Jen, Drew, Daichi and Tressa-chan. Later night Daichi made us dinner at his house. Japanese hospitality is great!

Thursday: Drive to Tokai Beach (about 2 hours away, but with detours, getting a bit lost and holiday traffic... it took three). Set up camp, eat dinner, drove down to The Duck (guijin bar) in Mito for a drink, came back, stared at fire and eventually crashed

Friday: I awoke around 6:30, cleaned the camp, peeled the potatoes (tried to cook them too, but couldn't figure out Tressa's circa WW2 coleman stove). Gave up on cooking breakfast, went to nearby convini got breakfast then proceeded to sit on the beach for several hours until everyone was up and someone else had cooked breakfast. Una (friend from northern Ibaraki) and I went to a nearby onzen... the water was black... WIERD!!??!!! Had dinner at the site and went to bed relativly early.

Saturday: Everyone sat by the beach for hours until some peeps with ants in their pants wanted to get home. Packed up. Went home and passed out from too much sun.

Sunday: Tressa and I had a Sex in the City Maraothon. Went home, cleaned house, did laundry and went to bed early.

I know it doesn't seem like I did a lot, but I had a nice relaxing 5 day weekend. Unfortunatly ( or fortunatly for my pocketbook), this will be my last vacation until the end of July. Oh well, we have planned to go camping again early next month and some fabulous people want to me come to Tokyo and party it up... so I think I will survive.

Everyone, Have a great week! I'll write again soon and I will post better pictures of camping when some one gives me some. JA NE


Julia said...

Hey Jody!
It's great to "hear" that you've been having a great time...That Gold Week sounds like an awesome holiday. Well, just wanted to say "hi" & know that I'm an avid reader of your blog ;)

Christopher Barzak said...

Sounds like you had a good Golden Week. Take it easy and look in the mail. I sent you something recently.

Lots of love,