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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yachiyo's English Club

Last night was my first class with the Yachiyo-english club. The group mostly consists of bored house wives who want to practice their english skills. My youngest student is 26 and my oldest is 65. The class is about 15 people and the lesson goes for about an hour and a half. And for all of this... they pay me 7,000 Yen!!!

Hello??? Why haven't I been teaching lessons like this since I came here? I loved it! Yes... there is a lot of prep work I need to do before class, but it is so refreshing to teach students who might actually understand what the hell I am talking about. Everyone was armed with their dictionaries (including myself) and I think most people understood what the heck I was saying to them (if they didn't, they didn't speak up). They are pretty good at reading english and they have interest in learning english songs.

So if anyone out there teaches english to adults and you know some good songs that the japanese love... please let me know. PS I already know they love the Carpenters. Thanks anyways.

On a personal note: I am coming down with a cold (again). Why can't these kids keep their germs to themselves? I haven't had a sniffle in over 2 months and as soon as school starts again... I catch another cold. GRRRrrrrrr! Don't worry. I am taking my vitamins everyday and drinking lots of water, juice and diet Pocari Sweat (not actually made of sweat).


Gill Parry said...

7,000 yen. Is that good or bad?
What can you buy for 7,000 yen?
What did you mean by why haven't I been teaching lessons like this since I came here? Lessons like what? What HAVE you been doing since you got there?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll send you some "Emergen-C". It's this powdered Vitamin C that has 1111% (that's what the packet says) RDA of Vitamin C. Everyone in Mammoth takes it and it works.


Jody D. White said...

7,000 Yen is pretty good for Japan. According to the latest exchange rate, it is $64 (USD) and 38 (GBP).

What can I buy? HMMMMmmm? A new pair of sneakers to go to the gym in. 8 hours of kareoke including drinks. Dinner for two at a good restaurant. 3 tanksfulls of gas. Don't know yet. But trust me... it will be well spent.

And lessons like these refer to the fact that I currently teach english to elementary school students. Therefore, this is the first time my students can read engligh and have an intense intrest in really learning a language. Not to mention most of them are older than me and do not get any neck pains from looking up at me all the time.

Hopefully this answered most of your questions. Minus the fact that I teach English for a living and happen to be the worst speller on earth. NASA still hasn't gotten back to me on that one.


PS Dont worry Rachna, I've been taking in lots of vitamin C. Thanks for the love!

Anonymous said...

That comment was from me!!!! RACHEL!!! Dammit... one day Rachna and I will have to figure this shortened name thing out....

Jody D. White said...

THANK YOU RACHEL for caring about me on my BLOG! and THANK YOU RACHNA for caring about me on MYSPACE.

OK... Is that better. How about. THANK YOU EVERYONE !!!! My cold is worse, but thank you all the same. LOVE YA ALL. MUWAHHH!!!