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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Canada Day and other silly celebrations

Yes... It is July and I really am this pale! I look like a ghost, but HEY!!! I'm a? English teacher not a swim teacher! Since it is July and all... Tressa, Daichi and I cruised up to Mito (the?capital of Ibaraki Prefecture) for Canada Day Celebrations (Come on Tressa... Sing us the Canadian National Anthem in English and in French). Just in case you are not aware... Canada Day is pretty similar to 4th of July in America... it’s just three days earlier.

But before we could go to the celebrations... we drove to the city of Katsuda to watch our Newfoundland friend Una Dance at a matsuri. Matsuri (festival) season is now in full YEAH!!!! Dancing, vendors, fireworks?all while sweating a lot and drinking beer... sounds good doesn't it???? And I didn't even mention octopus balls, fish on a stick and shaved ice!

Tressa and I showed up at the gaijin friendly pub (aka The Duck) in our home-made T-shirts and I think they made a big hit. However, every one kept asking me if I WAS Canadian. Hello??? Can't they read? However, I have a theory about reading my T-shirt. Since most people in Japan are shorter than I, some people just can't see over the top of my huge knockers... therefore, all they could read was the word "Canadian". It made sense to me... maybe that was because I had imbibed several Cuba Libres (similar to a rum and coke) and was being hit on continuously by a rocket scientist and some other old dude (damn blonde hair... it gets me into all sorts of trouble).

After the England/Portugal game was over (who knew that soccer players were so damn cute???) it was late and no one felt like going to a club (Havin' some Latin guy rub up all on ya. Makin' ya feel dangerous but also kinda safe) so we headed back to Miss Amy's for a few hours of sleep. The End.

PS Thanks go out to Amy for the air-conditioned floor space.
PPS Contrary to popular belief... Tressa is NOT a Lesbian
PPPS Are you suffering from Torrential Terrets ???
PPPPS Muff Diver = best catch phrase ever!!!

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Anonymous said...

PPPPS: Yelling out `my mama likes to muff dive` while I am driving = car accident and violent swerving all over the road....thanks Daich for yelling that and thanks Jody for putting the hazard lights on...fuckin Japan! Hazard lights on = you can do whatever you want on the road.