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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Fag Hag you say???

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Recently I have discovered that I may in fact be a "Fag Hag". Surely Not You Say? But yes... maybe soooo. Since there are dozens of definitions to be found on
Urban dictionary.com, I have selected several for your reading .

A straight woman who loves the company of the gay male community, such as drag shows, and going to gay bars. She also has a best friend that is gay and the have everything in a hetro relationship except the sex part. And they share what best girlfriends have in?comon. Most often the gay men she hangs out with especially if she is beautiful are attracted to her, but the attraction is only them admiring her beauty and the drag queens want to be her.

Any straight woman who, for some reason, happens to spend a lot of time around gay men.

A female whose primary relationship is a non-sexually oriented one with a homosexual man. Concept popularized by TV sitcom "Will & Grace". Stereotyped as spending entire conversations discussing makeup, potential dates, cute office boys, and gossip.

A woman who is extremely comfortable around members of any sexual orientation, especially that of homosexual and bisexual males, but she herself, is generally heterosexual (not always) and enjoys the benefits of friendships with the members of the opposite sex, without the underlying sexual tension that normally is present between a male and female who might enjoy sleeping with one another.

A woman who can't find a straight person to date so she hangs around with the gays

Personal Fact:
I have had several friendships with people of alterntive sexual orientation.
I enjoy being a part of the "gay" scene.
I prefer going to gay bars because there are more people there who like to dance and they play better music.
I am a sinlge woman who has dificulty in her "realtioships" with straight men (but who doesn't).

Why am I even talking about this shit?
Firstly, I recently found out that not only was my first boyfriend gay, but several people I was friends with in JrHigh and HighSchool are now gay (PS Congratulations to all those who are out!)
Secondly and more importantly, I miss my my gay/ lesbian/bi friends. Ya know who you are. I miss ya! MUAH!

And lastly, I have never associated myself as a hag, but recent crazy thoughts placed by strategic people have crept into my brain. However, in the end I have decided to tell everyone that feels the need to categorize me and my relationships with others to mind their own buisness. I have realtionships with gay men/ lesbians and bisexuals... so what! Just because you don't have a life doesn't give you any right to judge mine.

Till next time.. this is Jody saying:
"Shut up! It's Raining Men is playing. Let's go Dance".

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