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New Year's News

New Year's News

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Canadian Language Lesson of the Day. EHH??

I need to go to the dentist sometime in the near future. I really don't want to go to a japanese dentist... but I don't really have an option about that over here. Then Tress goes and tell me a horror story about one of our friends and how when she went to the dentist to get her wisdom teeth pulled they didn't "freeze" her mouth properly. Her mouth wasn't "frozen".

J: What??? Freeze??? Frozen??? Do you mean she wasn't numb from the novicane.
T: Novicane... no. You know know when they freeze your mouth. They inject the freezing stuff into you gums.
J Yeah. That's called novicane.
T No it's not. Novicane is that cream/jel stuff you rub on your gums when they hurt.
J Yes... and the stuff they inject into your gums when you go to the dentist is also called novicane. They inject it and your mouth becomes numb.
T : Really??? We just call it freezing your mouth. As in "I'm ready to pull this tooth. Is your mouth frozen?"
J Ok... well if ya ever are in the states and have to go to a dentist make sure you say "numb" not "frozen".

Crazy Canadians and their confusing language. Love ya Tress and I love Canada and all its quarkyness too!

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Anonymous said...

damn canadians eh? shut up...(words of the month) you love my crazy pick up truck, skoal spittin, wrangler wearing, gettin your mouth frozen at the dentist redneck talkin ways.