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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Back!

OK ok OK. NO! Contrary to popular belief... I am not dead. I was on vacation and decided to take a vacation from e-mailing, letter writing, myspaceing, phone calling, pigeon sending, ESP, morose code, post card writing, tellagraming and blogging. Rest assured that the Adventures of this Blonde are still continuing everyday.

At this moment: I am finally back at school and all that second guessing about my current career choices has dissipated due to the fact that I am so busy I don't have time to contemplate my insignificant place in the universe.

Vacation in the States : America was great. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed plenty of quality time with my Mother, my sister and my good friend Juan. Sorry about the no phone call thing, but hey...If ya don't ever contact me in Japan what makes you think that you deserve a phone call whilst I am in the continental United States? Plus there just wasn't any time to make the numerous amounts of "what's new with you" phone calls. So please forgive my laziness, but hey... you read my blog and and always know what's up with me and I know ya all will e-mail me when something big happens (new job, baby, marriage, death, sex-change operation). And if ya know me at all... you know I am one of the laziest friends around,. I'm loyal to each and everyone of you. You all cross my mind numerous times a day. I don't ask much of my friends and I only hope that they don't ask too much of me (like e-mailing them every other day about trivial shit that no one cares about (unless I have already established this relationship with you... Then you should be receiving the "Jody's Trivial Shit" newsletter in the next day or two)). I'm a loyal, but lazy friend... ACCEPT IT!

Vacation in Japan: My very good friend Rachel was here for a week and I think I might have killed her. Since it is a bit more hot and humid here.... She wasn't quite used to it and any reason to duck into a cafe and have an iced coffee was a welcome excuse for rest. Hakone, Kamakura, Tokyo (Asukasa, Harajuku, Ueno), Disneyland, Shimodate and Nikko were the places we visited. I hope you had a great time Rachel. Thanks for trucking your cookies across the ocean to visit yours truly. And thank you Tressa fot letting us stay in your igloo.

(Best Quote of the Trip: "You three girls better not have sex in this room")

PICTURES: Now this is a problem. At the moment I can't remember where I placed my camera. And whence I remember where I laid it, I must then find the USB cord (which I have a sneaking suspicion I left it on my Mother's computer desk). Also, there is a large portion of my pictures I downladed onto my Mom's computer with the intent on burning them on a CD, but I forgot. HELP MOM!!! You'll all see them when I see them.

Life in Japan: It is September in Japan... But the weather is still freakin' hot and I am still in skirts and polo shirts everyday. All the schools are in preparation for Sport's Day (on the 16th) so my schedule is wishy washy, however after Sport's day my life becomes hectic again as I go back to teaching 22-25 lessons a week.

Love Life: What's that? According to the gypsy woman who read my aura recently there is no reason why my sex life should be non existant. In some countries my beauty is celebrated and I could have all the camels and jewels I wanted. I repeied that I currently don't live in a country with camels, but I will look into it.

What's next??? I have 7 more months until my contract is complete and I am already looking into moving to another country. Nothing is definate (except taxes, death and the fact that my beauty could make me rich in the camel trading industry), but I am heavily considering India as one of my top choices. Opportunities are on the rise there and finding a good job doesn't seem to be too difficult. The more I research India, the more I like it. I will keep you all updated in my job searches and my quest not to return to America until conditions improve.

That's it for now. I hopefully will have some exiting and personal news coming up for your attention in a few months, but, as of yet I am not ready to talk about it thru this medium. But if ya really wanna know you should call me, beacuse we all know that it's hard for me to keep a secret that I am excited about. Have a great week and I'll blog again really soon.


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