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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Review

I love three day weekends. Last week I was lucky enough only to work 4 days. Here's what I did with the remainder of the week.

Friday: Cleaned my apartment. I even waxed my hardwood floors. Billy, Tressa, Jen and Drew came over for lunch. After imbibing a couple of cocktails we were ready to get naked at the local bath house. This was Tressa, Jen and Drew's first experience. I am lucky enough to have a pretty decent "sento" (public bath) right down the street from my house. However it is always more fun if you have a friend to talk to while you bath. Other wise you just get weird looks from a bunch of old Japanese women.. I guess you get that whether you are alone or with friends... just another part of being a foreigner. Anyways, since Jen and Drew are leaving this week... this would be their only chance to experience the old tradition of public baths. Once you realize there are only old naked Japanese people around your sense of modesty lessens.
Friday night I headed into Shimodate to attend a pot luck dinner in honor of Jen and Drew. I am sure going to miss their homemade tortillas and delicious cooking.

Saturday: Tressa and I started feeling sick again. Damn kids and their germs. We spent the majority of the day wrapped up in blankets and watching movies. The "40 Year Old Virgin" was hilarious (it was just released on DVD last week).

Sunday: I had the distinct pleasure of having lunch with 3 of my students from my Adult English Class. We headed into Tsukuba (where several of my students live) and had an interesting lunch of Shri-Lanken Food. It was reminiscent of Indian food. I was highly entertained by the exhibition of Shri-Lanken MTV. You just can't get enough videos of people in sari's and gold bracelets dancing at a wedding ceremony.

So... my long weekend wasn't spectacular, but my house is clean and I finally got to see Tressa Naked. HAHAHHAHAHA.. Just kidding... but not really.

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Anonymous said...

and I got to see YOU naked you jackass. not like you arent ALWAYS walking around my house and random cabins with no shirt or bra on...HAHAHAHA! Love you