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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Fist Goodbye

The end has begun. Today is the first of my last days with some of my students. The 6th graders at Naka Yuki Elementary School have seen more of me than any other students in the school district. Over the past 2 years we have had over 40 lessons together, and since they are at the largest school (which means I am here more than any other school) they have seen more of me in the halls and during lunch time. Because the English coordinator at this school had the foresight to have their English test last month, our very last English class together will be a cooking class in which we make french toast (and a big mess in the student kitchen). I am saddened to say goodbye. This is going to be the first. There will be an entire month more of them to come.
OH, time to go set up class... talk to you all real soon.

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