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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A day in Osaka

Instead of doing the normal tourist stuff in Osaka (Osaka castle (like we haven't seen enough castles), the park, Universal Studios, some temples and shrines) we decided to go the the aquarium.
The Osaka Aquarium is famous for it's Whale-shark.
Feeding time!
The puffer fish is a delicacy in Japan. Yummy!????
I still don't know. I've never eaten it.
Here's a fun end to our day. Eating dinner at Subway Sandwiches then getting drunk at a Laundromat near our hotel. Hey... sometimes you just need some clean clothes.

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