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New Year's News

New Year's News

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ramen Experiments

Instant Ramen is no joking matter in Japan. Even though we can find the "Cup of Noodles" and and the dry packaged (like Top Ramen) variety in Japan. The instant ramen bowls, see below, are much more popular in Japan.

Juan's ramen is a soy sauce meat ramen and mine is a spicy salt ramen (I actually have no idea what kind of ramen these are because my kanji reading abilities are terrible, but my ramen tasting abilities are par)

Upon opening the ramen bowl you will find a variety of packages.

Surprisingly, everything that is depicted on the picture is found in these tiny packets. Dried vegetables, meat, oil sauce packets and dry seasoning packets are the norm.

After adding the meat and all dry ingredients it's time to add the hot water.

Then you need to add the oil based or liquid seasoning.

Wait 3-5 minutes.... then voila!!

Juan's ramen was ok, but my ramen actually looked like the picture.

These weren't the best instant ramen bowls we have ever had, but they weren't terrible. However, instant ramen can never compare to the real fresh thing.

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Crystal said...

Ah, I so miss the best-little-ramen-shop-in-the-world. Have you found anything better than that yet?