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New Year's News

New Year's News

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Summer Accoutrement in Japan

Summer is the time for shaved ices, festivals, mosquito bites and baseball. It is also the time to carry around a large number of ladies accessories.
Things every lady needs to survive summertime in Japan.

Handkerchiefs: brand names are trendy and easy to find.

Towel: sometimes, a handkerchief just won't cut it.

Umbrella: one for rain and one for sun. I guess it should really be one umbrella and one parasol. Seriously, I know women who carry around both.
Sun in the morning + afternoon rainstorms = Summer in Japan.

SPF: milky white skin is all the rage in Japan.
If you can buy your SPF with whitener, it's even better.

Gloves: Just in case your umbrella and your SPF are not enough protection.
F.Y.I. These are not my gloves, they're for my friend Tressa.

Bottle of cold green tea. This is Juan's favorite brand.

Sunglasses: Most people do not wear sunglasses, but they are increasing in popularity with Japan's trendy youth.

FAN: even business men in three piece suits carry a fan in the summer time.

A bag big enough to carry all of this stuff in.

Posh designer Hello Kitty bag optional.

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Crystal said...

Love all the pictures you're posting lately. And LOVE the Hello Kitty handbag! What a find!!
xx C