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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gyutan in Sendai

One quirky thing I like about Japan is that all areas of Japan have their own unique food. Gyutan is the main specialty food in Sendai. What is gyutan, you ask?????

Gyutan = Grilled Beef Tongue

That's right people. Tongue!!! The group of guys I was teaching with were determined and a little reserved, just like I was, that we could not leave Sendai without trying this beloved and strange food. My students were so cute. They kept asking us everyday if we had tried Gyutan yet. And with the help of their cell phones, they even found us a well respected chain restaurant near our hotel.

Rikyu is one of the two most well known names in Gyutan in Sendai. So after a wait, because you know it must be good if you have to wait, we ordered our beer sets and sank our teeth in some tongue.

How was it???? Chewy, but not bad. If you can just forget that you are eating tongue, then you can enjoy the amazing flavor. Would I eat it again? Probably not, but I was glad I tried it regardless.

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