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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guilty Pleasure de jour

I am a proud GLEEK!!! Say what you may about Glee, but I love it! I try to watch it whenever Juan is not at home. I would just feel too strange watching it while he was at home (I feel the same way about Toddlers and Tiaras). Glee hasn't taken off here in Japan yet, but I bet dollars to donuts that it will be all the rage next year. Fox is so good about putting out there popular American TV series on DVD in Japan. 24, Prison Break and True Calling were all huge hits over here. Trust me... Glee will be too!

The only thing I am not liking about "glee"... is that the next episode isn't until April. APRIL!!! What kind of world are we living in??? APRIL!!! AHHHHRRRRGGG!!!

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