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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mito (several days late)

FRIDAY... We went to Mito Looking for a good time. Some girl (I had never met and who was a distant aqaintance with my shimo girls) was having a Birthday Party at the Drunken Duck (a renound gaijin hangout in Mito). The girls, Maverick (aka Peter) and I caravaned up to the capital city of our prefecture (about an hour away) for the festivities.

PS: Congradulations Maverick for kicking the pants off of a Professional Japanese Dart's Player at the Duck. ( He seriously wouldn't shut up about this for 2 days and kept flashing us his conqured enemy's tails every 30 minutes or so.)

When we arrived, the bar was packed. We ran into some friends from southern Ibaraki. They were as suprised to see us as we were to see them.
After getting a "Umi's Mother's Milk" (house specialty... and it was blue... you know how I feel about blue food coloring... I just don't trust it) and ordering food, we sat down for a night of fun.

Unfortunatley, there wasn't enough fun to be had by all. We were WAY over dressed for the pub... aparently in Mito, it is socially acceptable to go out in your old Cosby Sweater, Letterman's Jacket or work clothes. We could have left the cleavage shirts, the make up and the cute shoes back at home.

Every Gaijin Girl was trying to pick up a Gaijin Guy. Every Japanese Girl was trying to pick up a Gaijin Guy. And every Gaijin Guy was sucessfuly picking up Japanese Girls. Therefore, it was not a great place to meet cute guys who speak English as a first language.

In the end, we ended up making our own fun. We turned the now (it was 12:30) empty bar into out own dance club. We got some strange looks from some of the locals... but as usual, we just didn't care. They were squares!

Around 12 everyone started to leave and by 1 the bar was pretty empty. We left in search of a dancing establishment that actually had people in it. To our suprise... there was none. We left one club and headed to a bar called "The Dog's Ballocks" (as in... "Your Magesty, that dress is the dog's ballocks!"). We stayed here for a bit. We had a drink and a late night snack... they had Avacado Tempura on the menu. (It was delicious and has inspired me to finally learn how to make temura at home).

In the end... Crystal and I gave up and headed back to out friend Amy's apartment to crash for the night. Mavrick and Tressa-Chan attempted to go to another club (inwich there was like only 8 people in it) but ended up at karaoke for an hour before taking a cab back to Amy's around 5am.

On Saturday, Crystal-lu left us early to go on her "It's not a date!"
date with Hot German Guy and the rest of us crawled to a local Japanese diner for lunch. The day was beautiful and I really wanted to go for a drive. So I told Tressa-chan and Maverick that we should go on a Booze Cruize to the beach. They could drink (because it's legal for your passengers to enjoy a beverage, just as long as they are not driving) and I would be the Safety Driver (AKA... designated driver).

Unfortunatly, I couldn't persuade my commrads to drive all the way to the beach (it was 1 in the afternoon and we wouldn't have gotten home until late)... so they decided to have a Booze Cruize on the journey back to Shimodate. In the end I was super happy that we didn't go to the Beach because as soon as we got back to Tressa's I proceeded to have one beer and and decided to fall asleep for the entirety of "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly".

When I awoke several hour later... I joined in on the afternoon drunkeness/ movie watching with Tressa-chan, Maverick and Drew (who had joined us earlier). I can't remember when I had cocktails when the sun was still out. In the end... Tressa and I walked over to Karaoke and went to bed at a reasonable hour in anticipation of hearing about Crystal's date the next morning.

The weekend was a no brainer. We went out... we ate food and I went home on Sunday Afternoon. I know next week will be better. The girls House warming party is this Saturday. Hopefully it won't get busted up by the Koban too early.

All my love,
The Hardcore, Blonde, Karaoke Kid of Ibaraki !!

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