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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I am well aware of how much I suck.

ok... I have been back at work for over a week now and I still have yet to post one damn thing. Please forgive me. Today is the first day since school has started that I actually have time to post anything.

What's going on in my world? My life can be summerised up in 4 words... WORK, BARZAK, DRINKING and WORK.

Let's start with work, shall we?
I am back at school and in full force. Between all of the meetings, teaching and ciriculium development... I have barely found time to make a worksheet for my classes the next day. I hate teaching from one day to the next. Luckily, after this week I will be slightly ahead of the game... I will have at least finished the first 5 lessons for each grade. 20 lessons down and 62 left to go before July. I have also found out that I will be giving an english seminar for all of the teachers this July (again) and need to be completly finished with all of my worksheets, games, activities ect. for the entire year by early July. Why the hell don't they pay elementary school english teachers more money? I do a shit load of work more than those Jr High teachers. Well... I guess it is my own fault. They asked me if I wanted to go to the Jr High and I turned them down because I have a problem giving up control over my teaching methods and style... ( along with my personal life, emotional well being, etc...) .

My Beloved Friend and confidant, Christopher, has been crashing at my house the past seval weeks (he moved in the same day Mom and Paula left). Chris is returning back to America in a few days and he needed a place to crash while he waited for his departure date. And since I lived at his airconditioned house for three weeks last August, I thought it was only fair to return the favor.
There has only been one other time I have ever lived with a person... so I don't have a lot of expience sharing a bed, bathroom and home with others. It hasn't been that bad. The dishes are usually done when I get home. The living room is straigtened out and there is always a hug and a kiss awaiting me at the door with a caring voice asking "How was your day?". The only unusual thing is that Mr. Barzack is an artist and having no experience with this sort of person (except Kim at her sewing machine)... Sometimes I come home to find him still in his snowflake flannel PJs, typing away on his lap top, chewing his skin off his fingers in worry and anticipation. He'll stay up late at night to keep at writing. He'll come to bed, sometimes tossing and turning, which makes me toss and turn. Eventually he will either fall asleep or return back to his dogma of writing and let me get some sleep. Sometimes he can be quiet and contiplative, othertimes he is full of energy and the life of the party. He is an unusual, interesting and lovely mix of lonely artist, Karaoke King, philosopher, midwest farm boy, cosmopolitan world traveler and dearest friend. And sometimes, when I return from my long day at school, I am a bit wary of whom I will find at my kitchen table, but in the end it is always just Chris.

I am not complaining. I am highly enjoying his company. Everynight I make dinner (dinner is always better when you are not cooking for yourself), we'll watch a movie, talk about life, books and art, or just sit and listen to some music for a bit. There is always a new story that has not been told or some detail about each other's lives we are keen to listen to (sometimes re-listen to). We've laughed, cried, kareoked, traveled, partied, read, walked, entertained, danced and lived . He is the best companion I could ever hope for... and I think he has ruined me (at least for the moment) for others. Now, if only I could find a person who is this great to be around and who is good in bed... then I will be set for life (hahahaha)!!!

Drinking/ Working
I only say this because today is the first day I have been hung over at school. Luckily, it's not that bad. Every Wed. I invite the girls (and who ever else is in the area) over for dinner, a movie, a little wine and some gossip. Yesterday, Tressa and Chris were this weeks only participants in my mid week celebration of life, friendship and cooking. So after dinner, 1 1/2 movies and a lot of beer and wine... someone got the crazy idea to go to kareoke. And once one person gets the kareoke fever... it isn't long before the rest of us are in Shimotsuma handing over our club card at Party Party and punching in numbers to sing our favorite Madonna and Oasis songs. It was near 2 am when I fell into bed and I was up like a champ at 7:30. I took a 20 minute shower (I needed something to wake me up) and was out the door and at work by 8:35.

Now don't give me that look. This is my first offence for coming to work hung over. There is only one reason why I let my guard down and headed out into a night of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs and lime sours and that is because I have no classes today. NO CLASSES!!!! Today I am at my favorite school and the kids are testing. So it is the one day I have since school has started to play catch up. All I have to do today is make two sets of flashcards, three worksheets and eat lunch. After that I plan to read a little bit, work on updating my blogs and writing some e-mails for people who think I am dead. All in All, Not a bad thursday.

Anywhoo... I should get back to it, I have some more work to get done before lunch and before other teachers come in and steal the computers from me. I will be updating my blogs over the next couple days (or week) so don't be suprised if my next 4 posts pertains to something that happened 3 weeks ago. Be happy that I am alive and blogging again.

All my love,
The Lovely Miss Jody D. White

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OH! hank is so cute! i'm going to need to get me a hamster as cute as him!