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New Year's News

New Year's News

I have been sick since before Xmas, I have stayed home for almost two week. I am getting better and I hope to be better in time for work.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mom and Paula in Tokyo

During Mom and Paula's visit I tried to take them to as many place as I could without killing them. We headed into Tokyo for a great day of shopping and sightseeing. I took them to Asaksa Temple and marketplace. It was a national holiday, sunny and warm. Needless to say, Everyone was in the area and paying their respects to the local diety.

Mom and Paula fell in love with anko (a sweet red bean paste that is extremly common in Japan). We weren't in Asakusa more than 3 mins until we stoped at a stand to purchase a bag of freshly made, still warm anko cakes in the shape of birds. After our quick sugar fix they waded their way thru the crowds in search of that perfect japanese gift for loved ones at home and I went in search of an Asukasa Hello Kitty Charm to add to my collection.

I taught Mom and Paula how to get their fortunes ( I got the best one!), bathe themselves in the incense and the coin
throwing and bowing teqniques found at temples and shrines all across Japan. After grabing a bite to eat at a yaki-soba stall we were ready to head to Harujuku.

I love Harujuku. And eventhough it wasn't a Sunday afternoon, Mom and Paula got a glimpse at the fashion that is trendy with the youth culture of this area. Girls in frilly milk maid dresses, people in goth attire, kids in school uniforms. Everyone was out and shopping in full force. The little street can become a crazy warzone on sunny public holidays, and was one.

After checking out all the freaky freaks (including my sis)... we walked our way down to the main road and I took them to the Oriental Bazar (aka Tourist shopping paradise). Then we settled ourselves at a chic and trendy french cafe had some much needed caffine and drooled at the window displays in Burberry. This cafe was so riche that it had cute pink plaid flannel blankets to drape over ourselves on the suddenly cooler part of the afternoon.

The majority of the day was spent riding the subway and Paula was the champion who guided us thru the maze of downtown Tokyo. As we all know... I have no sense of direction ( in life or in train stations) and I usually try to stick to the JR Lines when in the city... but Paula came in and told that subway system who was the boss and who was the bitch. My Lil sis Kicked some major butt!

After resting at the hotel and grabbing dinner, I attempted to take them to Tokyo Times Square... but I think we got off at one station to soon and before I knew it we were wondering thru Tokyo's red light district. Strip bars, clubs, massage parlors, hostess bars, pachinko parlors and houses of sex and sin. It was a laugh and a half. Good times had by all! In the end, we attempted to get a good nights sleep for our next day of fun.

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