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New Year's News

New Year's News

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tanabata = Star Festival = Crazy Drunkeness

Sasa no ha sara-sara
Nokiba ni yureru
Ohoshi-sama kira-kira
Kin Gin sunago

The bamboo leaves, rustle, rustle,
shaking away in the eaves.
The stars go twinkle, twinkle;
Gold and silver grains of sand.

The tale of Tanabata is of love and separation. The gods Altair and Vega were very much in love. They were so much in love, that they neglected their work and spent all of their time together. In doing this, they angered the Chief God and he decided to separate them by the Milky Way. After the separation, they are only allowed to meet once a year... tanabata. So every 7th of July (or August depending on where you live) is the day that these two ancient lovers can come together. People celebrate by tying wishes onto bamboo branches, which are either burned or put into the river after the festival.

Therefore, on July 8th, my good friend Nori invited everyone to her home for a Tanabata BBQ. First was the BBQ, then on to bowling, then yaki-soba and we couldn't end the night without singing some karaoke. Thanks for the great time Nori-chan!

PS If you are interested in seeing some horrible pictures of me eating noodles then log onto Crystal's Blog to see her slide show.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jody-san! I think that you did a wonderful job of cataloging the drunkeness that the Tanabata festival entails-haha! HILARIOUS!
Thanks for good times as per usual!